Shop Photos October 6, 2010

I have shuffled things about and am satisfied with most of the placement.  There is much more to display and some things that are in transit, so I’ve left space for more prints, art cards, etc.

ARTISTS:  If I don’t have your bio, please send it along, and a photo if you are willing.  Our whole point is REAL ART by AND for REAL PEOPLE.  We want to personalize your display.  I have most of the bio cards done, but… well, you know who you are…



We still have much to do, but these photos will give you an idea of the progress we are making.  I still see things I need to shuffle.


Pictorial Progress Report

As we get things into place, I’ll post photos here so our artists can see the progress we are making toward the October 15 opening.  ‘Nuff said!

Captain Ron’s sailboat has found its place in the corner with a price tag of $3000.

Partial Wearable Art display features items ranging from $9 to $60.  Our more expensive jewelry will have a special case of its own.

Alaskan Art is finding its way in.  These masks will probably get an area apart from the rest, but they are in there for now.  Price range on them is from $500 to $5000.

I include the prices on some of our pieces to show the wide range of items we will be  including.  I hope that is an encouragement to those who are still considering consigning work to our shop.  Your items will be handled like the treasures they are.

Need any info from me?

Send me an email.


OCTOBER 15 OPENING!!! Yes, opening at last!

Yes, we have our opening date!  OCTOBER 15 will be our first day doing business.  Today we started trying our display ideas and moving things about.  What you see below was very likely changed since this photo was taken, but this was taken early in the day, with just a few things set up.

If your consignment shipment is not on its way, I encourage you to try to make it by the opening.  But it’ll be welcome anytime it gets here.

Artists:  If you have not contacted me for your printable copy of the consignment agreement and shared a sample of your work, email me at

We will continue to accept consignments, indefinitely.

So far, we have not received any pottery/ ceramic art  or glass.  I’d really like to get some in for the Christmas season.

Don’t forget to check out the artist info and the other tabs at the top of this page.  There is a lot of good information there.


Hello Artists!

You’ve reached the pre-opening blog for Fair Wind Studio, opening soon in Columbus Ohio.  We have a lovely space rented in a newly renovated mall which will house some 600 stores, kiosks and shops.
The Marketplace of the Americas is projected to bring in shoppers from all over the Central Ohio area and will be a memorable experience for a broad range of clientele —  something for everyone.

We’ve been posting updates here to encourage our artists and show a small sample of some of the consignments coming in.  It is becoming difficult to show a sample of each shipment as the pace increases toward the opening day — but we have  beautiful, one-of-a-kind  jewelry; fine art canvases, originals and prints; fine art photography; wearable art;sculpture; woodwork; Native American art; original postcards and notecards  and lots more arriving every week.

We have an important inspection on Friday 9-24-2010, by the city, which will give us a good idea when the opening will take place.  This mall is a  huge project and has been in progress somewhat longer than was at first projected.

If you are an artist who is interested in the opportunity to consign work to our shop, please read the articles listed on the right column.  These will give you some basic information about our venture.  So far, we have received consignments from the UK, Sweden, and all over the US.  It is our hope that our “Fair Wind” will fill the sails of artists who struggle to market their labors of love, and that we  will give access to Real Art to the general public — NOT just to the gallery crawlers who go out of their way to browse in the University district.  Real people need to know that they can purchase beautiful items for their enjoyment that are created by an artist’s  hand and are not mass produced, Made in China.

I hope you’ll join us.

Email me for more information



(click on images to enlarge)

Hey Baby, what’s your sign?

Ours is still on the workbench, but it goes up tomorrow!


We Love STEAMPUNK! and Katerina Kreations has provided us with some luscious examples.  All of her jewelry is made from vintage pieces, clock and computer parts, glass and gemstones.  She also makes the tote bags shown below from vintage kimono fabric.

Steampunk Necklace

Lavender Quartz vintage necklace.

Vintage baubles necklace and earrings

Kimono Bag, showing inside pocket in matching fabric, below.

And that’s just a “smattering” of what she sent us!

Captain Ron’s latest Alutiiq mask assembly.

Yes, it’s all hand-carved and hand bent wood, walrus ivory, sinew and feathers.

Now here is just a glimpse of the many faces of Lew Minor, digital artist extraordinaire!

Thanks for checking out the new artwork.


News and Excuses!

If you are visiting this site for the first time, please note that it’s mostly for keeping our consigning – or potentially consigning – artists informed as to the progress of the shop opening.

Basic information about our project can be found in our first post here, and in the tabs at the top.  Anyone interested in participating can email me as directed for pdf copies, suitable for printing, of the consignment agreement, etc.


We have the keys and are taking inventory into the shop, leaving it boxed up until all the construction in the building is finished. Right now, it’s still pretty dusty, but when we get our opening date set in concrete, our spaces will be inspected and cleaned and we’ll have the go ahead to get things out on display.


Since the last update, we have received a lot more shipments of artwork – digital art, jewelry, and original canvasses.   I’ll be taking photos and posting them later today or first thing tomorrow.  I think you’ll agree, we are going to have a very classy collection.  Captain Ron has completed more beautiful woodwork for the Alutiiq collection and I’ll include some of those as well.


Blame Columbus!  Delays in setting the opening date are contingent on certain inspections which must be completed.  Sometimes the next step is put on hold while waiting for an inspection.  That has been the case here.  The City is 3 weeks late in coming in for an important inspection in the mall, which must be finished to allow for the next step.

Blame my lack of updates on all the details we are having to cover in respect to getting organized:  Buying a computer, shopping for the proper software, setting up for credit card sales; buying wrapping and packaging materials, retail fixtures,  and on and on.  But we are having fun!  One of these days I’ll have time to do some artwork, myself!

Thanks to all of you who are following along and especially those who have entrusted us with the pleasure of  representing them in the marketing of their wonderful creations.


New Arrivals Posted September 2 2010tH

(Click on any image to enlarge)

Dennis Workman is a very fine photographer who produces his black and white photos using medium format vintage cameras.  The results are beautiful.  His color work is done with Canon digital equipment.

With apologies to Dennis (It’s hard for us mortals to photograph your work and do it justice) I’m showing just a small sample of the collection he has submitted for consignment to the shop.  All are available in several sizes and as blank notecards.

These prints are beautifully matted and protected by a clear sleeve.  The largest prints are 11 x 14.  The lighthouse collection is pictured here, in part.

More wearable art in!

These two Nuno scarves from Enty T are created with New Zealand Carded Corriedale Wool and Light Grey Suffolk Silver roving.  The scarf on the left is a fine quality crushed poly felted with the Suffolk Silver.  The Green one is a lustrous rayon/nylon blend, felted with the Corriedale and Suffolk.  The designs are felted on front and back of the fabric.  ONE-OF-A-KIND!

To show some ACEO’s in their natural state, here is a small sample of John Dyhouse Original watercolors.  Each tiny piece is an original (NOT a copy) watercolor painting in miniature.    These are little gems!

Artists!  WE WANT YOU!

Please Read our very first post to get an overview of what we are doing. Also, the tabs at the top will tell you more info —THEN…


Thanks for coming by.