Jeweler’s Info

Quality is a huge consideration for Fair Wind Studio.  We want your artistic work to be presented in the very best light.  That’s why we are working so diligently to provide beautiful displays for your creations – to introduce the public to items which are unique, beautiful, reasonably-priced, and made by real people!  We believe that the general public, our clientele, will be impressed when they can find these wonderful items in their usual shopping venue, and which are not mass produced in China.

Quality standards for Jewelry Makers under consignment to Fair Wind Studio
Please inspect your jewelry for compliance with the following quality standards.


  • Metals must be jewelry – finished quality, non-reactive to body oils and perspiration.
  • If using “fine” metals for components/findings (recommended) please include grade/karat with description.
  • High Quality gold or silver “tone” jewelry components are gladly accepted.
  • Wire and metals must be free of  scratches or blemishes.
  • Findings/closures must be of adequate strength, quality, and durability for jewelry item it on which they are placed and jump rings securely closed.
  • All stringing material must be of the best quality and strength for the piece, taking into consideration the stresses put upon it by wear and tear.
  • All knots and crimp beads used in finishing must be secure, neatly tied and hidden.
  • Semiprecious stones are  “best sellers”,  i.e. carnelian, tanzanite, coral, freshwater pearls, rose quartz, fluouridite.  If you have not used them, consider using along with glass beads and crystals for more drama and value.
  • Ceramic, ivory and wooden beads, and recycled or vintage components are acceptable.
  • Plastic beads are not acceptable as a quality component, except where they are part of  vintage jewelry components you may be using on a piece. Jewelry grade, quality acrylics are an acceptable  alternative.
  • Ear wires and posts must  be hypoallergenic, such as gold, sterling silver, surgical steel, etc.
  • All jewelry must ultimately be comfortable and easily wearable with attention to how it “feels” and looks when worn.  (Is it stiff?  Does it hang nicely?  Do the fasteners open too easily?  Does it tangle or “kink” readily when handled? Etc…)
  • Please be aware that to be called “vintage” an item must be at least 25 years old.  You will find different ages given by different sources but most agree — and  for our purposes, 25 years old or more qualifies as vintage.
Please include a complete description of each item on your inventory list, including all materials used and any special techniques employed by the artist.
And email me with any questions you may have. We have great expectations for your Handcrafted and One-of-a-Kind jewelry and want you to be successful with your creations!
NOTE:  Please do not send items which do not meet these standards or they will be returned to you and the cost of sending them back will be charged to your account.

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