Artist’s Info

Fair Wind Studio ~ Artist Info Sheet (r-1)
Ÿ Who : I am Nancy J. Torsen, (artist – mixed media and digital design), the
sole proprietor of the new Fair Wind Studio. With my husband, Captain
Ron Torsen (retired USCG licensed boat captain and Alaska Native artist),
and our daughter, Nita Ward (beader and business person), we are working
together, combining art and business, skills to make Fair Wind a success.
Ÿ Where : Now living in the Columbus Ohio area, we have seized upon an
opportunity to set up shop in a completely renovated mall which sat empty for a few years and was recently purchased by a company from Florida. They are doing a beautiful job with it. Located at 3891 Scarborough Blvd, it is called the “Market Place of the Americas”. Some of the spaces are “Flea Market” style, but there are also full-sized stores, a multiple-screen movie theater, gigantic “Kids Space” and shops, stalls and kiosks dedicated to a huge variety of businesses. This mall promises to experience HUGE traffic. Our space is located in the central, busiest part of the mall. You can see their website here.
Ÿ When: The scheduled opening for the mall is ‘early September’. No precise date as yet, so we have plenty of time to get our consignments in and get everything beautifully displayed. In the beginning, the mall will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week. The open hours will increase in increments, over time, as things progress. The mall will be open year-round.
Ÿ Why: As artists ourselves, and members of a world-wide community network of artists, we are well-aware of the plight of marketing. After trying a wide variety  of marketing opportunities, we decided to do this. I feel that art is for everyone
and should be available to mainstream consumers. People spend huge amounts of money on gifts, home decorating, etc. and end up with ‘mass-produced in China’  articles with no intrinsic value – no ‘heart’ – no real creativity. I think it’s because they are not exposed to the real thing that they make those choices. So we want to bring art to the people and keep our prices reasonable and accessible to everyone.
Ÿ What:
We Will Accept Original artwork of all kinds, including:
2-D artwork of all size formats including aceo’s and larger
Altered Objects, such as tins, boxes, etc.
Wearable Art, scarves and Bags, etc.
Also quality Prints of your original 2-D artwork and
Quality images of originals made into note cards, post cards, bookmarks, etc.
Pastels, Watercolor, acrylics, oils, pencil, pen and ink, etc.
Mixed Media/Collage
Textile and Fibre Art
Pretty much everything excepting “Very Dark” or sexually explicit
This would, for example, include
Outsider art
Your own specialty?
Please read the Consignment Agreement and if interested, send some photos
of selections of your work for consideration to determine compatibility. We are hearing from artists across the US and the UK, who are excited about this venture.
I hope you will join us.
Please respond to
<a href=””>My Email</a>
We look forward to bringing art ‘with heart’ to the community.
Yours truly,
Nancy J. Torsen, Sole Proprietor
Fair Wind Studio
Mailing address:
7414 Warwick Avenue
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
Phone: 614-441-3110

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