The name of our shop, Fair Wind, comes from our being “boat people”.  A fair wind gets behind you, fills your sails and speeds you along your course.  We hope to put “wind in the sails” of artists from all over, by providing a venue which will get their work into the hands of everyday people —  People who might otherwise spend roughly the same amount of money for Made in China items of no intrinsic value, no heart, no unique quality.

We believe the general public makes such choices because they don’t have an awareness (or access to) “The Real Thing”.  Our hope is to make a small change in that situation by offering real art in a Mall setting where people  go to shop.  The “Marketplace of the Americas” has provided the place, and we are eager to do the work.

Ron and Nancy Torsen have been creating art together for over 30 years. Married in Ron’s Native Alaska, they have a large family of children and grandchildren who are almost all in Ohio, which explains why they retired to Columbus.
Ron is a retired US Coast Guard Licensed Master of Freight and Towing (boat Captain). Nancy has a background in teaching and working with ‘at risk’ teens.  And has served as cook/deckhand on numerous voyages with Ron.

“We are pursuing our arts in this current chapter of our lives, more than ever before.”
Ron has been building boats from scratch and creating other wood work, inspired by his Alutiq heritage and his love for the ocean, since he was a very small child.   His current project  is to replicate the ceremonial masks of his forebears, based on a museum collection of original masks which resides on display in Kodiak, Alaska.
Nancy does a bit of everything ~ mostly mixed-media and digital art. You can find a lot of her ‘experimental’ work on Flickr and on her blogs, where she meets and trades with other artists around the world, just for fun.

You can contact her at



2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Nancy…as asked I am giving you my information for your interest on my post cards.

  2. I received your nice letter and apology for not answering sooner but had other schedules to take care of. I am interested in your Art Gallery and displaying some of my work in your gallery. I will send pictures of myself and previous garments , some of the garments are not for sale as they have been worn but should give you an idea of my love & passion for different designs and bright colors. My wearable art pieces are one-of-a-kind. I will wait to hear from you while I put together my portfolio. Sincerely Ruth Eubank

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