Our New Location!

To ALL our Fair Wind Artists:  I’m so happy to be able to share with you all the 411 on our new shop location

The old shop was like a one-car garage, but this space is wide open and beautiful, located in a busy, central area.  Traffic has increased by 10X and sales are picking up nicely. 

Here are the photos I promised you.  You can see how your work is displayed in the new space.

Here is the front entrance.  I have placed my collection of atc’s on the stool and people are having a lot of fun looking through them.  Also, see the OOAK Valentine card display.  The carousel is about 5 yards  away, just across from this door.  I’ll get a photo including it when I think of it.

This is the view through our front window, showing the East wall with all our nautical things, and the  jewelry toward the back.

A closer look, from just outside  the front door. 

We are on a corner.  This shot was taken through our side door, as were the next ones you’ll see.  These doors are steel garage doors in bright colors and are very attractive, plus we are secure with our locks in place when we are not open.  This display piece is a new acquisition and is so handy.  I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of the other side of it where the OOAK handbags and Nuno felted scarves are!  So sorry Sassy!

From another angle.

And yet another angle through the side door.  These are some new encaustic works shipped in this week.  This shelf is just inside the door.

Here is a closer look at the jewelry corner.  Our new, lighted, rotating carousel really shows off the more upscale jewelry, but I am awaiting delivery of crystal boxes I ordered  for these pieces.  A little Valentine decorating on top.

Another display, featuring prints and small originals.  Wall space is still at a premium.

The glass and ceramics display beautifully on these new (to me) glass shelves.

This is looking toward the windows, it is a little glassed-in alcove.

Closer look at where the nautical art leaves off and the next section begins.

I hope you like the way I’ve displayed your creations, everyone.  You can see that we are upgrading in every way possible. We have a vendor in the mall who buys and sells used retail display pieces.  (We are good friends!)

I feel that sales are going to take off now.  I know that January and February are slow retail months, but we are looking at a lot of different advertising options.  Remember the radio ads I mentioned?  Well, they were going to be handled by “Al and Audra” our local radio personalities who do a lot of promotion work—  But they are traveling around with Ted Williams (the former homeless radio announcer  you’ve surely heard about or seen on TV)  as he begins his new career.  We have plenty of other “irons in the fire” and lots of people working together to promote the artsy-er shops in the mall.

I wish us all extraordinary success and personal blessings in 2011.  Keep in touch!



5 responses to “Our New Location!

  1. I love-love -love all the changes !!!!!!

  2. Great shop Nancy, pity I live so far away.

  3. Dear Nancy,
    You’ve been very busy since we were last in contact! Congratulations.
    I love what I see here and am very happy for you. I hope this finds you and yours happy and well. Please email when you have the time!
    Hugs and love
    Cookie (Donna)

  4. Nancy! This is sooooooooooo amaaaaaazing! Good for you! Congratulations on your beautiful shop. xoxo, Hil

  5. Hi Nancy – Can’t believe Spring is here after the long winter we had in the UK. Your shop looks just amazing. Wish I was nearby and could stop by. Hope all goes well for you. Bx

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