We are out there…selling the art.

Since our grand opening in October, the shop has demanded a huge amount of time and attention, which explains why I’ve done no updates.

Our initial selection of consignments from  the many wonderful artists who chose to be a part of our project have filled our store completely and beautifully, making our spot in the Marketplace of the Americas a favored destination.

Yes, it is slow to start.  First of all, the whole mall is new, a refurbishment of an existing mall space which had been closed for a long time.  It’s a beautiful building and the management has done their part in creating an ad campaign which has increased incrementally over the weeks.  We are just now seeing a truly satisfying crowd in the aisles and everyone is real optimistic about our future.

I would urge you to visit both the Marketplace of the Americas and the Fair Wind Studio commercial website to get a good idea of what is going on.  Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from artists who are interested in our project, so please read the info in the tabbed sections above to find out what the consignment deal is all about.

We are planning a move to a larger space and will be ready to receive more consignments then.  The timing is uncertain.  There will be some shuffling about after the holiday season.

My best wishes for a blessed and happy Christmas season to all.

Yours truly,



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