Grand Opening Report

We had just very moderate traffic during the two “soft opening” weekends, but the Grand Opening brought a lot of foot traffic to the mall.

Now, I must say this: the whole mall is a new thing and several customers told me they were overwhelmed with sensory input after spending some time there.  “I’m just looking to see what’s here…” was a common refrain.    The mall project is revitalizing an area of Columbus which has been quiet for a few years, since the original mall closed.  People are just now getting used to the idea that we are there, and are very happy that we are.  It’s a nice area, but the commercial zone had kind of fizzled out.  People kept telling us that they were so happy to have all these businesses there.

The food court is marvellous, and that alone will bring people over.  It’s not generic fast food chains but, along with traditional sandwich and pizza fare, features Albanian (just like Greek) and Cajun foods.  I will get lots of photos next weekend of the different areas of the mall.

You artists have sent so much wonderful stuff that my shop is the one featured in upcoming ads.  The owners are very proud of what we are doing and actually told me that when the media comes in to take photos, etc. that Fair Wind Studio is the first one they take them to.  Yayy for all of you!  And now that the election ads are going to be over, we’ll be blitzing the local TV stations, along with the cable and radio stations.

And A Big Plus:  We’re first in line for one of the large shops on the main promenade.  We’ll be able to spread out more and make our displays even nicer.

So just one photo today.  One of yours truly, taken at the grand opening.



5 responses to “Grand Opening Report

  1. Wowee!! You look quite the entrepreneur Nancy!! You are still on my ‘to do’ list but I know you are going to be there for ages so I don’t feel too guilty!! Hope business booms!!

    Cindy x

  2. Sounds great Nancy, really happy for you. You definitely look the part, lets hope that sales follow the crowds once they have settled down to the new (newly opened) mall.

  3. Congratulations on the Grand Opening! We’re thinking of you and sending lots of love your way. 🙂

  4. Congratulations from me too. Wishing you every success with this shop and hoping that sales will be booming. Lovely to see a photo of you too! Good luck.

  5. Karen Montgomery

    do you happen to have a pic of the wool slippers…I wanted to show my husband…they are great!

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