Two Sneak Peeks and a Grand Opening

It’s been a while, I know.  My time has been so completely consumed for the last two weeks, as you can well imagine!

This was taken today, as Anne and I were unpacking and hanging a few of her original acrylics which you can see above our heads.

The sneak peeks were well attended, but people were not really shopping much — mostly looking to see what kind of shops and merchandise were available throughout the mall.  I gave out hundreds of flyers, stating our mission,  see it below.  People really read it, smiled, and many commented on the unique “coolness” of our purpose.  Lots of promises of return visitors.

and we also passed out about  the same number of  announcements about our caricature artist, Donald Guess, who will be on hand all day Saturday for the Grand Opening.  People were excited about that, too.  And here he is, now!

I hope this very quick update will help you to get a feel for what’s going on at Fair Wind.  I’ll definitely make a better report after this weekend.



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