Pictorial Progress Report

As we get things into place, I’ll post photos here so our artists can see the progress we are making toward the October 15 opening.  ‘Nuff said!

Captain Ron’s sailboat has found its place in the corner with a price tag of $3000.

Partial Wearable Art display features items ranging from $9 to $60.  Our more expensive jewelry will have a special case of its own.

Alaskan Art is finding its way in.  These masks will probably get an area apart from the rest, but they are in there for now.  Price range on them is from $500 to $5000.

I include the prices on some of our pieces to show the wide range of items we will be  including.  I hope that is an encouragement to those who are still considering consigning work to our shop.  Your items will be handled like the treasures they are.

Need any info from me?

Send me an email.




3 responses to “Pictorial Progress Report

  1. Looking good Nancy, will be packaging some of my canvasses soon. Just hoping to have a few aceo paintings to go with the package. have been busy with my exhibition, but have got all my works for that sorted now. JOhn

  2. Hmmmmm been thinking about selling some quilted things and Christmas ornaments you wanna send me consignment info??

  3. I like how you displayed the brooches. Kind of like it is artwork. Looking good, Nancypants!

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