Hello Artists!

You’ve reached the pre-opening blog for Fair Wind Studio, opening soon in Columbus Ohio.  We have a lovely space rented in a newly renovated mall which will house some 600 stores, kiosks and shops.
The Marketplace of the Americas is projected to bring in shoppers from all over the Central Ohio area and will be a memorable experience for a broad range of clientele —  something for everyone.

We’ve been posting updates here to encourage our artists and show a small sample of some of the consignments coming in.  It is becoming difficult to show a sample of each shipment as the pace increases toward the opening day — but we have  beautiful, one-of-a-kind  jewelry; fine art canvases, originals and prints; fine art photography; wearable art;sculpture; woodwork; Native American art; original postcards and notecards  and lots more arriving every week.

We have an important inspection on Friday 9-24-2010, by the city, which will give us a good idea when the opening will take place.  This mall is a  huge project and has been in progress somewhat longer than was at first projected.

If you are an artist who is interested in the opportunity to consign work to our shop, please read the articles listed on the right column.  These will give you some basic information about our venture.  So far, we have received consignments from the UK, Sweden, and all over the US.  It is our hope that our “Fair Wind” will fill the sails of artists who struggle to market their labors of love, and that we  will give access to Real Art to the general public — NOT just to the gallery crawlers who go out of their way to browse in the University district.  Real people need to know that they can purchase beautiful items for their enjoyment that are created by an artist’s  hand and are not mass produced, Made in China.

I hope you’ll join us.

Email me for more information



One response to “Hello Artists!

  1. I loved reading your website information. You are very inspiring to me, can’t wait to start be able to shopping in your store.

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