News and Excuses!

If you are visiting this site for the first time, please note that it’s mostly for keeping our consigning – or potentially consigning – artists informed as to the progress of the shop opening.

Basic information about our project can be found in our first post here, and in the tabs at the top.  Anyone interested in participating can email me as directed for pdf copies, suitable for printing, of the consignment agreement, etc.


We have the keys and are taking inventory into the shop, leaving it boxed up until all the construction in the building is finished. Right now, it’s still pretty dusty, but when we get our opening date set in concrete, our spaces will be inspected and cleaned and we’ll have the go ahead to get things out on display.


Since the last update, we have received a lot more shipments of artwork – digital art, jewelry, and original canvasses.   I’ll be taking photos and posting them later today or first thing tomorrow.  I think you’ll agree, we are going to have a very classy collection.  Captain Ron has completed more beautiful woodwork for the Alutiiq collection and I’ll include some of those as well.


Blame Columbus!  Delays in setting the opening date are contingent on certain inspections which must be completed.  Sometimes the next step is put on hold while waiting for an inspection.  That has been the case here.  The City is 3 weeks late in coming in for an important inspection in the mall, which must be finished to allow for the next step.

Blame my lack of updates on all the details we are having to cover in respect to getting organized:  Buying a computer, shopping for the proper software, setting up for credit card sales; buying wrapping and packaging materials, retail fixtures,  and on and on.  But we are having fun!  One of these days I’ll have time to do some artwork, myself!

Thanks to all of you who are following along and especially those who have entrusted us with the pleasure of  representing them in the marketing of their wonderful creations.



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