John Dyhouse is a Master of the Miniature.   His tiny watercolor ACEO’s are simply delightful.   Only 2.5 x 3.5 inches, they are little masterpieces for the collector.  We received a whole box full of John’s miniature works and would like to show just a sample of a few which arrived matted.

Some people collect the cards in looseleaf  trading card binders.   Some just keep one in a pocket!       Find our more about ATC’s/ACEO’s.

Captain Ron Torsen has completed another reproduction of an ancient ceremonial mask of the Alutiiq people.  This one is called the Soul Taker.

The story of this collection of masks which was found and taken to France in 1934 and housed in a small museum there,  unbeknownst to the Aleut people, is a tale of discovery, emotional connection with the past, and renewal of lost  arts.  See more about it at   The Alutiiq Museum, Kodiak Alaska.

Here is a sample of other carving  by the captain, which will  be available.        A pair of codfish dories in the traditional colors of the fleet as far bacl as the mid-1800’s.

Paul Cooper is more than a painter, he also does sculpture in numerous media, including playing cards.

We will be selling artsy notecards, blank cards, and postcards.  Here is a sample of one of my postcards, framed.

We will sell these as simply postcards, without mounting them,  and will have mats (in various sizes) available for our customers to buy.  (Unless, like me, they want them to fly naked through the mail!)

That’s it for today.  I’ll have more soon – going through new inventory which arrived this weekend.


If you are an artist and are interested in consigning your work with us, please email me.  For the background on this project  see this, our first  post,  Opening in September.


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