August 26 UPDATE

Things are moving along and much progress being made in the way of construction at the Marketplace of the Americas.  Slatwall hardware is in and we can begin assembling fixtures soon.

Meanwhile, here are some more new arrivals.

Paul B. Cooper is a talented artist who lives near Columbus Ohio.  His unique style is producing a lot of excitement around here.

OSD 01  by Paul B. Cooper — pen and ink.

Black Hole by Paul B. Cooper — latex on stretched canvas.

Medium Fireball by Paul B. Cooper — latex on stretched canvas.

One of our talented, OOAK jewelers, here is a sampling of work by Jeanne Brickman in Chicago.   She uses semi-precious stones, glass and crystal to produce her beautiful, wearable art.  Notice the hand-tooled copper on the bracelet, which is one of her signature techniques.

Jeanne Brickman also creates OOAK bags.  Here is a sample.

Wearable Art from Fair Wind Studios, here is a sample of a handmade Nuno silk scarf recently received from Enty Tee.  We’re looking for more scarves, shawls, etc. to fill out our inventory of wearable art.

Just a taste of  the latest arrivals —  a small sampling  of the many items recently presented by our talented artists.

For more information, see previous posts.  If you have artwork  you would like to present for consignment, email me   HERE

and take a look at this, our first post, to get basic background info.

Opening in September

Thanks for coming by.



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