August 19 UPDATE — Artwork – New Arrivals

The beautiful creations are arriving for our Columbus Ohio shop and I’d like to share a small sample of some of the things that I have received.

One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) jewelry

by Alaskan Native artist, Nita Ward.

This 32″ necklace has a 3″ extender and is made from copper and green glass.  Connectors between the beads are all handcrafted of copper wire.  With matching earrings.

Here is one of her handcrafted barrettes.

Photo prints from Stan Askew in California. This is one of many of the beautiful pieces he has on consignment in our shop.

Scrabble Whimsy Necklaces from Cindy Hamlin of Virginia. Just for fun, are made from Scrabble tiles –Unique and Artsy –accessories for casual wear.

Alaskan Native art by Captain Ron Torsen. A member of the Alutiq people tribe, he is creating, among other things, reproductions of ancient masks which come from an archaeological find  on Kodiak Island in 1934.  The originals are housed in the Alutiq Museum and are hundreds of years old.  This one is titled “The Mouthless One”.  These masks were created by the original native people for various ceremonies.

Hand carved of oak.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little gallery preview.  To those of you who are still thinking about consigning, this will show the quality of the work we will be presenting to an unsuspecting public.  We think they will be surprised!  Don’t you?

Our opening date for the mall is still not firm, but the delay (due to materials shipping delay) is over and work is going on in a hustle.

See ” Opening in Septemberpost, below, if you need to get the background info for artists.

Thanks for coming by.



One response to “August 19 UPDATE — Artwork – New Arrivals

  1. Hi NAncy, looking good, I have posted a consignment of aceo paintings today. Hope they get to you very shortly

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