Opening in September…

…at Columbus Ohio’s Marketplace of the Americas,  which will attract shoppers from all over the Central Ohio Area and beyond.  Take a look at their website and you can easily see that there will be something for everyone , creating a huge clientele.

  Fair Wind Studio

A place for Artists and Art-lovers.   ~    Featuring works from local artists and from artists around the world.

Steampunk art and jewelry  ~  Mixed Media  ~  watercolor, oils and acrylics  ~  Sculpture  ~ One-of-a-kind (OOAK) accessories

Original, OOAK jewelry and Wearable Art, Fibre  and Textile work  ~  Original Art Notecards and Postcards ~ Altered and Repurposed Objects, ACEO’s…and a whole lot more.

  If you love the unusual, the original ~ the passionate creations of today’s artists ~ this is the place to be.


Fair Wind Studio will be THE Marketplace for Artists.

As a family of artists, our need for marketing venues has been all too apparent.  We can create wonderful things every day and if no one  sees them, they are never released into the world. 

Fair Wind Studio will provide a venue for all those artists, everywhere, who pour out their passion in labors of love, and search for marketing opportunities to share them with the world.

I have a real desire to help the public to see, appreciate and buy art, and to see artists succeed in their own right.  I intend  to provide a marketplace where the two may come together.

Our consignment plan is easy and artist-friendly.  Contact me for a copy to peruse.  We think you’ll jump at the chance to be in on this.

We are taking consignment now. 

Contact Nancy at

Email photos/scans  of a  sampling of  your work.  We will  send you a copy of the consignment agreement so we can discuss the opportunity to market your art.



8 responses to “Opening in September…

  1. OK Nancy, I’ve joined up but we probably need to talk lots before I commit.

    I’ll email you.

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